US Death Toll from Coronavirus Crosses 10,000

The US is entering peak of the pandemic with over 336,897 active cases and the death toll of 10,000 at the start of this week.

Coronavirus cases in the US jump to 367,650, which is the highest, and the death toll rises to 10,943, which is the third-highest currently. The previous epicenter of coronavirus, Italy, is seeing a decrease in the number of cases. However, the number of deaths is still the highest. The situation is getting out of control in New York as the governor has requested for more beds.

Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, believes that social distancing is working as he said:

“If the curve is turning, it’s because the rate of infection is going down. If the rate of infection is going down, it’s because social distancing is working.”

The worst is yet to hit the US. Authorities have notified that there can be around 100,000-240,000 deaths in the US, keeping the best possible scenario in mind. Practising social distancing and other guidelines may actually become a lifesaver for many.

If we look at the worldwide condition, British PM Boris Johnson has been shifted to intensive care. He had been battling symptoms at home and self-isolated himself at home. However, his situation worsened and needed immediate attention. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is also self-isolating after his wife tested positive.

China is almost free of the virus after complete lockdown for 2 months as there are only 1,242 active cases currently. Over 77,000 people have recovered in China and the death toll stands at 3,331. Italy and Spain, however, have shown a decrease but are still battling this disease. The number of active cases is 93,187 and 83,504 respectively.

In Pakistan, the number of reported cases has jumped to 4,004 with 54 deaths. If we also do not take strict actions then we may face conditions as worse as the top three countries at the moment i.e. USA, Spain and Italy.

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