Ushna Shah Apologises After Social Media Backlash

Ushna Shah posted a tweet regarding choreographed dance video making rounds. However, it received major backlash and she later deleted it after an apology.

Unlike most, Ushna Shah questioned doctors taking breaks to film choreographed dances in hospitals while treating COVID-19 patients. She posted a tweet on Twitter which received major backlash from social media as people told her off. The tweet has since been deleted and she posted an apology on her Instagram.

The previously posted tweet read:

“I’m curious to know people’s thoughts on doctors and nurses creating choreographed dances in hospitals. I’m conflicted: on one hand, I understand they need uplifting breaks, but on the other, these dances seem quite time-consuming, precious time-consuming. Thoughts?”

After her tweet yesterday, there was a whole article on Images, Dawn, that talked about how important it is for them to take breaks. These doctors have been playing a crucial part in saving lives and if during that they need a breather, then there’s no harm in it. Doctors and health professionals all over the globe have been working devotedly and tirelessly during the pandemic outbreaks. Some are doing so even without protection.

Images editor wrote:

“Such isolation and stress can take a toll, so it makes sense that these hard workers take a little break now and then to unwind; they’re not robots. And should their hard work pay off and they see improvements in their patients, they can definitely celebrate, right?”

Ever since these remarks, Ushna Shah has apologized publicly and also deleted her tweet. In her recent Instagram post, she wrote:

“I wanted to quickly post this to clarify and apologize for a tweet that has caused some offense. I recently tweeted that I was conflicted about choreographed dances in hospitals that have been making rounds, I tweeted that although I believe healthcare workers deserve a break”

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Mia Culpa!

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She continues on and says that hospitals are understaffed and staff are in dire need of sleep. She wanted an opinion from everyone and goes on thanking the healthcare workers. Ushna calls it ‘an absolute idiot moment’ for making unclear tweets and even questioning the medical staff.

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