Ali Sethi Receives Backlash Over Body Shaming Tweets

Ali Sethi, a 35-year-old Pakistani singer, receives major backlash from Twitterati over some demeaning tweets that he posted.

Ali Sethi is a Pakistani singer who started his journey in 2013. He released many singles and covers which are widely loved by many. Ali also has become popular recently for his live jamming sessions on Instagram which the users can enjoy for free. Also, during quarantine, he has collaborated with many artists, including the ones from India and became the talk of the town.

However, recently the Twitterati were outraged at the tweets Ali Sethi posted yesterday. He body shamed not one but actually two people. Ali Sethi used the word auntie as a ‘derogatory’ term for some troll. He told another person to never take a selfie, which is obviously a personal comment on the user’s display picture. Yes, celebrities don’t have thick skin and they’re humans too but being a public figure means that there will be more eyeballs on you.

Twitterati replied and made sure that he knows where he’s wrong.

There were some who also came to support him

Another tweeted:

“Didn’t Ali Sethi release like 5 new original songs in the last 1 to 2 years? Initial criticism on him for doing only covers was fine, but the guy has recently made a lot of original music and it has been really good.
Do a little bit of research before tweeting maybe?”

Twitterati were not happy about these tweets that he posted because they were demeaning and derogatory. If celebrities also started replying to trolls then what would be the difference between both of them? It’s hard not to look past at trolls and haters who spew harsh comments filled with hatred. However, one must keep their standards high and not let it get to you.

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