This Video Exposes How Doctors Are Turning Into Monsters For Money!

Just recently, a barrage of videos and Facebook statuses have started flooding by the owners of Dr. Tahir Medical Hospital and Akbar Taliya. The incident that actually started off as a mere negligence and money thirst by the latter has now turned into something bigger and heinous. If the current video doing rounds on social media is to be believed, Dr. Tahir Medical Hospital has been playing with the lives of people just to earn some money.

As quoted by the video, coming on forefront, the Doctors faked the death of a Christian child, holding him onto a ventilator, demanding money to release. The only crime that was committed here was that the child belonged to a poor Christian family and nothing else. Before we plunge into what went wrong on so many levels, let’s take a look at the video:

Narrating an incident that took place on 15.08.2017 at Tahir Medical Hospital located on Amir Khushro Road, CP Berar Society, Karachi. 

A young boy belonging to a poor Christian family was brought to the hospital where he was diagnosed of cerebral malaria and was in coma. He was put on a ventilator for a while as his major organs were collapsing. The doctors under the administration of Dr. Ibrahim Yusuf initially said that the child has died but when there was chaos and the family found out that he was still alive the doctors then threatened the child’s parents by telling them that they will take the child off the ventilator and let him die if the family did not pay a handsome amount. The child’s parents had already paid some money for it and for the blood transfusion which was supposed to happen but the doctors did not do it although the family brought 4 bottles of blood following the doctors’ instructions. The situation in this country is very pitiful and the poor has no way out. 

This is not the first time such incident has taken place at this hospital. A few months back a new born was also killed because of maltreatment and the heartbreaking attitude of Dr. Bilquis. When she was called to attend the patient she simply refused coming earlier than what was her scheduled time. This incident has been previously brought into light but no furthers steps were taken. 

Doctors like Dr. Ibrahim Yusuf and Dr.Bilquis are making money at the cost of lives. Such doctors should be taken in account and have their medical practicing license cancelled, reads the caption of the post.

Is that what Doctors are supposed to do these days? Torture innocent and poor family just to make money. What’s the purpose of running an entire hospital with big, fat degrees if you haven’t learned basic human ethics after all these years? A religion does not warrant you to kill an innocent soul, when on the same page our religion doesn’t teach the same thing.

Such Doctors and hospitals should be boycotted; no people involved in blood bath just for the sake of money should be allowed to run a hospital. Government and the concerned authorities should take a look into the matter and should hold these money-hungry Doctors accountable.