Virtual Education in Pakistan is a Necessity

Education is a vital pillar to the growth of any nation. Due to the current pandemic, the world stopped and education came to a halt but on-line classes have been a bit of a help, surely.

Education is really important. The more educated a country is, the more wise decisions they tend to take. Nowadays, education is as important as any other thing today. Where it is really important for a student to be willing to learn, there it is really important for a Teacher to be willing to teach. As they say, you can’t clap with one hand. In this pandemic, teachers have been trying hard to teach their students. Nevertheless, most of the Teachers are not much tech-savvy, yet they are trying their level best to educate their students through virtual classes.

Not only this, but there are people all around the globe who are willing to teach students, just because they feel like it. Huda Garib is one such person. Although, she hasn’t started teaching herself yet, but she has been mentoring quite many teachers. The biggest issue at the moment, in virtual education, is, the age gap, There has to be a gray area, that is well aware of the prior generation and is hand-in-hand with Generation Z.

Sharing some screenshots from yesterday’s virtual conference where our CEO & Founder, Huda Garib, joined a fantastic…

Posted by eMagine on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Huda Garib, as for now, is focusing on building the bridge between teachers and students. She is helping them understand how students think, act and #DARETOEMAGINE. She’s also guiding teachers to positively interact with students through virtual classes, without any issue. This gap and the issues should have been addressed and resolved way before today, but as they say, it is better late than never. Soon, Huda, herself, would be teaching students through online classes, helping them grow, and helping the country grow.

Moreover, Huda isn’t stopping here. She is also conducting virtual classes, where she has collaborated with a well known digital marketing guru who has been teaching people about Digital Marketing. The courses are being provided at the least possible rates. The rates, are also market competitive, hence, easy for everyone to access, who want to learn and understand Digital Marketing. The teacher, hired, has a certified background and market experience, which helps him explain better and makes it easier for the students to understand. Those learning from this course will end up being certified for Digital Marketing. Amazing, no?

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

As everyone is switching to digital, it's high time that we all should learn some progressive skills such as digital marketing and increase our knowledge. Digital is the future and we strongly believe in it!For registration and more details, kindly inbox us!#DARETOEMAGINE #CALMCORONA #COVID19

Posted by eMagine on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Not much of such people are there in our country who are working on improvising the future for the upcoming generation. It is really important that our tomorrow is secured. And more than secured, we have skills that can help us grow. In this time of digitalization, such skills come in handy. May God bless Huda and people like her, who have been helping the community to grow.

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