What Actually Happened on Labor’s Day 2020?

LAbor's Day wasn't easy to acknowledge around the world, especially in Pakistan, where Labor's feel like working, but can't due to lockdown.

Labor’s Day, all around the world, is celebrated to acknowledge and honor the hard work laborers do all around the world. It includes people who are working as carpenters to those who are working in offices. Because each work counts. And honestly, those who are earning on daily wages, the day is for them. Because they are the ones who actually have to burden themselves the whole day, to earn a titbit. A titbit just enough to feed their families that particular day. This day is in honor of those, who work day and night to earn enough to educate their children.

However, this year, things have been different for those laborers. This Labor’s day, they were actually in search of a job. A one-day job that might pay them enough to feed their families that particular day. This Labor’s Day, those who were working from home, took a day off quite easily because they could afford that. But what about those laborers who used to work in homes as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and others? They are the ones in dire need right now.

In this time of the crisis, I salute those who are still managing to feed their families. Those daily wagers, who are trying hard to get food from someplace or another. My heart goes out to all the parents, who are still fighting for their lives, as they are not able to earn at the moment. This situation isn’t easy for a person earning well, but it also isn’t as tough as it is for those who earned on a daily basis.

This Labor’s Day was for all those who are still fighting to live, regardless of anything. May God gives them more, and to those who are helping such people out.

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