What Iftar Looks Like in the Ruins of Syria

Here are few pictures that were shared by Al-Jazeera, which shows what Syrians have to go through and how do they break their fast.

The world has been under a state of shock for the last few months. Where people had to stay indoors in lockdown, what one thought to be fun, was quite the opposite. The state of mind has severely changed and people are feeling more depressed than they were feeling prior to this. With much negativity, deaths, and all types of absurd news, one doesn’t know where to go. And where can one even go? We have to observe strict lockdown during these tense days. But however, that has been the case in Syria too. But it rarely matters to them whether they should stay in the house or not.

Because rockets don’t kill you with touch. They kill you, regardless. Those in Syria, each and every year, celebrate Ramadan in the ruins of their houses. They keep on reminiscing the old days, yet thanking the Lord for all that they have. Should I call that extreme patience or great bearing power, it is another story. All we see is they never complain about what they go through, though they have hatred against those in their country. Here are a few pictures that were posted by Al-Jazeera on their website. These pictures depict the intensity of vulnerability the people in Syria have to go through each and every day. During each and every fast. As Abu Zaid, a resident tells Al-Jazeera “Now, my family and I are here on top of the destruction. We are re-living a very difficult and painful memory. I pray that God doesn’t let anyone else experience this.” He himself is the father of three children, but is helpless to do anything.



May these people have their old, happy days back in Syria. The state they are living in is just heartbreaking.

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