Why Does Everyone Have an Opinion About Yasir Hussain’s Proposal to Iqra Aziz?

Bashing them and trolling them all over the internet wouldn't benefit anyone. Bullying is not okay.

Let’s rewind back to the weekend when Yasir Hussain proposed to Iqra Aziz at the 18th Lux Style Awards held on 7th of July. Yasir had planned on surprising Iqra when she had least expected it, he proposed her in front of a large audience and within minutes their proposal went viral. Everyone wanted them to get married already because the couple looked cute together.


The sad part about this whole scenario is the judgments they have from not just internet troll but their own working colleagues as well. Let’s be real, the society bashes people who want to live their life peacefully. They made their intimate moment so public only because they wanted to share it with the world, but received so many backlashes which I guess they knew was coming.

Everyone had an opinion whether they did the right thing or the wrong. Some supported them and some bashed them while some bashed the ones who supported the newly engaged couple.

Hamza Ali Abbasi supported them and said in a tweet:

Veena Malik lashed out on Hamza Ali Abbasi for supporting their act. She dedicated six tweets to this whole issue.

Well, I can’t say much about who is wrong or right over here but if someone’s happy, sharing happiness and not hurting other people in their surroundings then there’s no harm in it. We need to be much more accepting and understanding as a society and as a nation. Freedom of speech and having a different opinion than others is okay only if it does not hurt anyone’s sentiments.