Why Garnier Dry Shampoos Are The Ideal Product To Use This Season

The texture of our hair suffers tremendously in the winters. However, we believe that Garnier dry shampoos are the best solution to your hair problems.

Just like our skin, our hair is also easily affected by the change in weather patterns. Our hair becomes more rough and frizzy. It also becomes quite static which ruins the overall look of your hair.

Fortunately for you, we have the perfect solution for your winter hair ordeal. That solution is none other than Garnier dry shampoos. They help to keep your hair more moist and smooth this season.

Now I am pretty sure that some of you might not have heard of dry shampoos before but do not worry. We are here to fill you out on the details that you need to know.

Dry shampoos help absorb excess oil and residues that build up in your hair. Thus, improving the overall quality of your hair.

Garnier dry shampoos

When it comes to applying the product on your hair, the steps are really simple. You shake the can well after which you spray it on your roots. Make sure that there is a distance of six to eight inches between the hair and the nozzle.

Then you massage the shampoo into your head and then brush it to make sure it spreads to every corner. However, you still need to use a regular shampoo and a conditioner to help cleanse and smoothen your hair. Hence, you cannot just rely on dry shampoo alone.

When it comes to Garnier dry shampoos, they are simply the top of the line in terms of variety. Garnier dry shampoos comes in four types; Coco Colada, Melon-tini, Mint Mojito and Yuzu Fizz.

Regardless of the ingredient that is used, the results are all the same. It helps absorb the residues from the hair, which lead to more stronger and healthier hair.

What makes our hair product stand out from others is that it does not leave white residues behind. Our Fructis Invisible Dry Shampoo contains rice starch which helps absorb oil fast and does not leave a behind a gritty texture.

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