Why Is Depression Still a Taboo?

We need to talk more about mental illness.

Depression and other mental health issues have been a taboo topic since the creation of Pakistan. The society is gradually changing but there is still a lot of hesitation when it comes to discussing depression, anxiety and mental health in general. One needs to be physically and psychologically well in order to deem themselves as healthy and fit.

Why is depression a taboo? We don’t quite know for sure why, because this issue is as serious as any other health issue and needs proper care. Depression can hinder in a person’s day to day activities and make one feel low. People suffering from depression will likely push away their loved ones and they don’t often talk about it because sometimes they feel like they don’t want to burden the other person with their issues and problems.

They keep pushing people away to the point where they start losing friends and if their family is not close to them then they will just sink in their own thoughts. We need to look out for such people around us and check on them at least. You may have good intentions behind your advice that you give to a depressed person but sometimes it may be the wrong thing to say. Be considerate.

Things that you should never say to a depressed person:

  • It will get better with time
  • Keep praying and hope for the best (Praying is obviously okay but one needs treatment along with it)
  • I have seen much bigger problems then this
  • It’s your own fault
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself
  • But you don’t look depressed

Sometimes, the only thing one can do is show your support and be understanding. Never compare their situation with yours as everyone has their own pace and capacity. Grown-ups may never understand these things it was not that common back in the day but in this era, it is becoming very common and still people do not talk about it. When people will start talking about it only then this perception will change. There are many other support groups in Pakistan as well where people share their feelings and are able to talk about their mental health without the fear of being judged.

We need more supportive people so that we can break the norms and make the society realize how important mental health is.

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