Why We Need A Mexican Joint In Karachi

In a city like Karachi, there are countless number of restaurants but none serve Mexican food. This article states that there should be more Mexican joints.

If you like food that have the same level of tangy and spicy taste as Pakistani cuisine, then you will certainly love Mexican cuisine. If you have ever been to Mexico, you will certainly attest to the fact that Mexican cuisine has some of the most bold, tangy and fiery flavours than any other cuisine.

Even if you make your way to the US, you will still be able to encounter some highly scrumptious establishments that would offer some of the most tastiest Mexican food around. These are usually located in southern states that border Mexico.

Tacos are a highly popular Mexican dish. (Source: BBC)


They have a wide range of highly tasty dishes such as tacos, which are some of the most crunchiest and flavorful wraps in the entire world. Another popular Mexican dish is fajita, a highly spicy chicken dish. Mexican cuisine also has a whole range of spicy dips, of which the most flavourful and tangy dip is the  salsa.

While there are plenty of Mexican restaurants around the world, there are very few in Karachi. In a city that has an endless number of food options, it comes as a surprise that there are very few Mexican restaurants in Karachi. The city is home to a large number of restaurants serving multitudes of different cuisines, so hence it is really baffling why there are so few restaurants that serve Mexican food.

Fajitas are known for their bold flavours. (Source: My Recipe)


Its bold and zesty flavours share a lot of similarities with our own cuisine. Not to mention that many of our youth love many of the Mexican dishes that they have had while they were studying abroad. There is a huge demand for it by the population, particularly our youth. Hence, it is my belief that there should be more Mexican restaurants in the city.

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