Why Wearing Glasses Is A Hassle.

Glasses are not just a means a communication for us, its a

Anyone who wears glasses or is a part of the glasses community knows the struggle that we all face in our everyday lives. Glasses are not just a means a communication for us, its a means of life, no it is THE essence of life.

Here’s a few of the everyday struggle that we all have to endure:

  • What number am I holding?

The worst and the most common words we hear in our everyday life, just cause I wear glasses doesn’t mean I am blind, it’s just my vision sees far away stuff in blurry form. please get that in your head.

  • Is that my Friend or is it not?

The worst is when you’re in a public space and you lose both your friend and your glasses, so you gotta do that squinted eye thing where you look like you’re judging every individual and for some reason, every individual seems like your friend.

  • Where are my glasses?

Heres the most common one that literally scares the beejees out of us. That little mini heart attack when we misplace our glasses, is all that is needed for us dive into a state of utter desperation, we are looking high and low, places we haven’t even been to just for the ultimate quest of finding those glasses.

  • Contacts:

A struggle of its own. There are two types of people in the world of glasses, those who can put lenses in their eyes and those who can’t. The struggle is in both, either way, weddings are a disaster for those who can’t wear contacts it means we go to an event as a blind person, or we go wearing glasses and have to take them off when we pose for pictures.

  • New Glasses, new life:

It’s a whole new world, when you buy new glasses or when you clean your old ones. The world has never been so beautiful, the sky never so blue, the clouds never so fluffy and the world never so beautiful.


  • The Puns/The Nicknames:

The worst of them all is the nicknames and the puns we face, the worst and the most stupid puns are presented, ‘Why is the phone wearing glasses? Cause it lost all its contacts’let’s not forget the Chasmuli, Anik wala jin, Chasmish, Nerds, Four-eyes and so many more nicknames that have become so old and unoriginal.

  • Wow, you really can’t see:

Really? You sure? I never knew I thought the world was just a set f blurry images. Thank you so much for telling me something I already know, here have a Nobel Prize. Seriously people stop asking to try on my glasses and stop telling me how blind I am, I know already.