Writers Come Out To Protest Against AI Softwares

The media creation industry has lately been shaken by AI software like ChatGPT. This week saw the start of the Hollywood writers' strike over pay.

The Hollywood writers’ protest began this week over salary. Still, corporations like Netflix and Disney’s unwillingness to say whether or not artificial intelligence may eventually replace human authors have only fueled resentment and terror on the protest lines.

AI software like ChatGPT has recently alarmed numerous businesses with its quickly improving ability to mimic human communication uncannily. This week, the White House invited Big Tech to a meeting to speak about the dangers.

The Writers Guild of America requested legally enforceable agreements to govern the use of AI as part of the weeks-long negotiations with studios and broadcasters that ended on Monday.

According to the recommendations, no script created by AI can be utilised as “literary” or “source” material, which are terms utilised by the business to determine who receives royalty payments, and WGA members’ screenplays cannot “be used to train AI.” Studios, however, “rejected our proposal,” reported by the WGA, and instead reacted with a plan to only get together once every year to “discuss advancements in technology.”

Eric Heisserer, who penned the smash blockbuster Netflix movie “Bird Box,” said in a jest to the WGA arbitration committee, “It’s nice for them to offer to have a meeting about how they’re exploiting it against us!” “A machine can’t produce art. The story’s heart and spirit are lost… I mean, the initial word is ‘artificial’,’ he remarked while standing in the line of protesters in front of the streaming service’s Hollywood headquarters.

The risk, he continued, is that “we have to watch tech companies destroy the business in an attempt to find out for themselves,” even if writers are aware of this.

The seeming belief of studios and streamers that what they do can be performed by machines has been a further smack in the face, as few television and film creators who talked to agencies on the lines of protest believed their work could be performed by computers.

They worry that corporate belt-tightening in Hollywood, where Silicon Valley firms have thrown off many conventional practices like long-term agreements for writers, may want to further cut expenses by using computers to compose their next big series.

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