Priyanka Chopra Jonas Opens Up About Her “Dark Phase” After Nose Surgery Gone Wrong

After an error was committed during a polypectomy in the early 2000s, Priyanka Chopra Jonas remembered having no desire to go out of the house.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is disclosing how a disastrous cosmetic treatment had a negative impact on her mental health.

The 40-year-old actress spoke about her disastrous nose surgery in the early 2000s when she made an appearance on an episode of The Howard Stern Show. Her physicians had advised her to have a growth in her nose cavity repaired.

Priyanka described the period following the treatment when she discovered the surgeons had erred as “a dark phase,” according to Howard Stern.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas stated, “This thing happens, and my face looks completely different, and I went into a deep, deep depression,” adding that she was subsequently let go from multiple films and felt her acting career “was over before it started.”

The celebrity said that her mental health issues were so severe that she was staying home. Priyanka only underwent corrective procedures after being urged to do so by her father, a physician himself.

Priyanka recalled that she was afraid of that, but her father said,’ I will be in the room with you.’ He gave me support and assisted me in regaining faith in myself.

In her autobiography, Unfinished, Priyanka Chopra Jonas previously talked about the failed nose surgery comprehensively, stating that the outcomes left her experiencing “devastation and hopelessness.”

Priyanka quickly rose to stardom after winning Miss World 2000, but in the summer of 2001, she started to have what she thought was a “lingering head cold” due to an extremely severe sinus issue.

“I was having trouble breathing. This is a problem someone with asthma can’t ignore,” Priyanka noted in her book. Eventually, she went to a physician whom a family friend suggested and was informed that there was a “polyp in my nasal cavity that would need to be surgically removed.”

At the time, Priyanka Chopra Jonas was appreciative that a polyp removal “sounded like a pretty routine procedure,” but sadly, things didn’t turn out the way she had hoped. “The doctor mistakenly sliced off the bridge of my nose while removing the polyp, causing the bridge to collapse. Mom and I were shocked when it was time to take off the dressings and the state of my nose was shown. I was missing my original nose. My appearance was entirely different. I was no longer me, she claimed.

“Devastated and hopeless,” Priyanka Chopra Jonas wrote about her reaction to the treatment. I didn’t think that my perception of myself or my confidence would ever heal from the blow since every time I glanced in the mirror to see myself, a stranger was staring at me.

Coping with the fallout from the failed surgery became more challenging by her newfound fame. After her surgery, she recalls that she was given the moniker “Plastic Chopra” by the media. Now let’s simply call it out. My name immediately began to appear in publications and newspaper stories, and it has accompanied me throughout my whole professional existence, according to Chopra Jonas.

The actress made the decision to “draw a line” and simply keep it private, even though she felt she “dared to give an explanation for the obviously different nose” throughout the years. “I work as a performer. I agreed to do it, and I genuinely enjoy doing it. I’ll dance my dance, say my words, and make my imprint. I’ll try to make you happy.

After having many corrective procedures to repair the damage caused by the polypectomy, Priyanka now feels as though her “nose normalised.”

“While it took a few years of seeing a stranger gazing back at me every time I looked in the mirror, I’ve gotten accustomed to this face. Now when I look in the mirror, I am no longer surprised; I’ve made peace with this slightly different me,” Priyanka Chopra Jonas remarked. “This is my face. This is my body. I might be flawed, but I am me.”

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