Yasir Hussain Regarding Local Stars Going For Oscars

Yasir Hussain commented that he is glad that the local stars aren't big enough to be invited to Oscars because of their tolerance to insults.

Actor Yasir Hussain recently discussed the essence of comedy and his findings regarding Pakistani performers’ reactions to jokes throughout a show. He also made analogies to the industry’s historical comedic culture.

Thinking back to the old days, Hussain remembered the great comics Moin Akhtar and Umar Sharif and how they could make jokes with movie stars like Muhammad Ali without offending anyone. He said, “Comedians like Moin Akhtar and Umar Sharif used to crack jokes in front of big actors, and they didn’t mind. They actually enjoyed it. This kind of banter is enjoyed by people around the world.”

In discussing the levels of patience that Pakistani performers often exhibit, Hussain said that individuals who were prone to insults had not yet grown to a level where they could go to events like the Oscars, which are notorious for their culture of mocking. “I’m thankful our actors who get offended quickly aren’t big enough to attend the Oscars, where roasting is a norm. They can make jokes about Donald Trump or Justin Bieber there without facing backlash.”

Hussain related a story about an actor who was called unimportant, but who responded well when he won an award the next year. This incident demonstrated the actor’s capacity to accept criticism and reply politely, emphasising a lighter attitude towards such remarks.

The actor highlighted the disparities in humour appreciation and forbearance across different showbiz circles. He said,  “In the global entertainment realm, such jokes and hilarious comments are usual things. It’s about understanding the difference between taking humour lightly and personally.”

Hussain’s allegory of earlier comedians underscores a change in the humour-business consensus and considers the significance of preserving a playful demeanour in the face of industry criticism and jeers.

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