Your guide to the best places to visit in Pakistan in February

Destinations within the country that you should visit in February

If your looking for a change of scenery, then you have come the right place. We tell you all about the best places to visit in February in Pakistan

Places that are exotic, breathtaking and will provide you with endless adventures. Not to mention offer you an escape from your mundane and stressful life.

So, lets get right into it. Here are the best places to visit in February in Pakistan;

1) Chitral 

The beautiful city of Chitral is perhaps one of the best places to travel to in Pakistan. What makes this place so magical is its abundance of natural beauty.

From the beautiful Kalash Valley to the gorgeous Chitral Gol National Park, Chitral is truly a nature lover’s paradise.

best places to visit in February in Pakistan

If you are a fan of history and heritage, then Chitral is filled with countless such places for you to explore. These include Chitral Fort and Shahi Masjid Chitral.

If your planning on exploring the country next month, make sure Chitral is on your list of places to visit.

2) Nathia Gali 

If you are looking for some adventure, then Nathia Gali is the place for you.

From Mukeshpuri to Ayubia National Park, Nathia Gali has countless options for hiking. Not to mention places like Miranjani are perfect for taking pictures and making your Instagram more attractive.

best places to visit in February in Pakistan

If you are a fan of wildlife then you must visit Lalazar Wildlife Park when you are in Nathia Gali. The park is truly a site to see for all animal lovers.

All in all, Nathia Gali is a breathtaking place filled with lots of sites and sceneries. It is one of the best places to travel to in Pakistan next month. So, book your tickets now and experience the magic that is Nathia Gali.

3) Malam Jabba

If you are making plans on traveling next month, then make sure you give this snowy town a must visit.

Malam Jabba is home to one the best ski resorts in the country. Thus, providing visitors with a great outlet for recreation. It also acts as a great place for adventures and enjoyment.

best places to visit in February in Pakistan

The place is also home to some amazing attractions such as Fizagat, Shingrai and Shangla Hill Top. Places that make Malam Jabba a must need place to visit whenever one decides to venture around the country.

If your planning on travelling internally next month, then this is one of the best places to travel to in Pakistan. It is a place that offers you endless beauty and adventure.

4) Skardu

Undoubtedly, the one of the best places to travel in Pakistan next month is Skardu.

This place has everything from culture to history. Not to mention the ridiculously gorgeous natural beauty it posses.

When in Skardu, make sure you visit the famous Central Karakoram National Park. If your looking for a more relaxing vacation, then unwind at the Shangri La Resort near Kachura Lake. Some of the historical sites to visit include the Kharphocho Fort, which overlooks the Rock of Skardu.

So, if you ever decide on exploring Pakistan next month, make sure you definitely visit Skardu.

5) Gorakh Hill

If you are not looking to travel that far, then Gorakh Hill is the perfect destination for you.

Located near Dadu, Sindh, the destination acts as a perfect winter getaway for those from Karachi and Hyderabad.

What makes this place exciting is that it is the only place in Sindh where it snows slightly. Not to mention, temperatures falling below zero degrees.

If your looking for a cheaper and nearby destination to visit, then Gorakh Hill is the place for you to visit.

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