5 Upcoming Gyms in Karachi

We've selected 5 gyms taking Karachi by storm, so you might want to take a look at them.

Pakistan’s climbing up the fitness ladder in these recent years, and we’re here for it. There are several programs and gyms catering to different niches of fitness. Out of all the programs and gyms in Karachi we filtered out 5 gyms we think you should definitely check out.

Not only do they provide with the gym equipment and machines, but also have numerous types of fitness programs that do not necessarily require weights. So from yoga to zumba, strength and conditioning to boot camps, MMA to cross-fit – they have it all.

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Core Karachi

Located on the 14th floor of Ocean Tower, Core can be said to have introduced a break-through in the gym culture of Karachi. With its many new forms of internationally recognized workouts like TRX Suspension, Stability Ball and Indoor Cycling, they have also recently introduced Post-Natal rehab and fitness programs for new mamas! Isn’t that amazing?

They basically have a wide variety of group classes to suit everyone’s temperament and fitness level, with different certified instructors. Since Core is a top-tier gym, they have lockers and shower facilities, including a cafe overlooking the city, with snacks from international brands.

So this is basically worth the reputation and your money.



MUV Base

The MUV Community consists of certified trainers, changing the way of what it means to ‘go to the gym’. Their philosophy is as:
1) Pick your muv,
2) Muv what you can.
And this couldn’t be more true.

Located on Shahbaz Commercial DHA, MUV is like an unconventional gym space that is trying to revolutionize traditional workout routines. Affiliated with MUV is Kore Fitness, just on the floor below. It has all the gym equipment you would need. So these 2 are basically a combination you can’t deny.

MUV offers several classes – ranging from aerial yoga, strength & cardio/conditioning , Pilates, yoga, zumba. They’re probably the first to introduce Aerial yoga to the city too, just saying.

And guess what, they’ve added something new that might interest you – Calisthenics! It is a mix of gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily strength, awareness and function, and it is suitable for beginners too! How cool is that?


They also have certified trainers who get you muv-ing. So if you’re looking for all-girls or even mixed classes with a twist, this is the place to go!




Rooting from the term ‘functional training‘, Function provides a very unique and modern fitness training space, that specializes in high intensity training. Equipped with the most current and effective fitness tools, and a very supportive community, it is more than just a studio or gym. They call Function a way of life. And I mean, it kinda is.

Function provides its clients with an Open Gym. It is equipped with EVERYTHING you need to workout, in a functional fitness environment. Although you may be working out on your own, they provide you with a general functional fitness workout plan – so there is a work out plan for the day set out for anyone to follow. They also provide instructor guidance and a standard nutrition plan if you’re looking for more.

On the other hand, Function has been gaining popularity for its one-on-one personal training. With certified instructors, you not only get the guidance and motivation needed, but also a work out plan tailored specifically to you and your goals, accompanied by a customized nutrition plan.And guess what, you don’t find this anywhere as such but these personal trainers also provide on call support too.

Now where would you find something as great and inclusive as this? That even at very reasonable rates!


My Gym by Bikku

My Gym identifies itself as one of the biggest fitness clubs in Pakistan. From what our research has shown, it specializes in  MMA, Boxing, Crossfit, Kickboxing, apart from being a gym itself.

Now here’s the thing. This place covers a whole building, with different facilities on each floor.

It boasts a restaurant offering diet, organic food, protein shakes and much more. And they also have a Healthy Meal at Door Step service. It doesn’t end here though.

This place has so many more other facilities, things that you ideally wouldn’t find in a regular gym – probably why they associate themselves as a club. There is a Day Care facility indoors for new moms, a physiotherapist and a female massage therapist to name a few.

I mean, this is undeniably cool.



Velocity X

Velocity X is where fitness and mindfulness is the name of the game. This gym provides a whole list of different work-out classes – all-girls and even mixed sessions.

From different kind of boot-camps, to yoga and zumba, Velocity X has so much to offer. They have very unique names for their programs; X Force, MX 360, Method X, The 42 Day Challenge, Power Shred. With the program names themselves, they get you motivated – wouldn’t you agree?

The Velocity X team includes a handful of certified trainers who are driven to motivate you throughout your journey. They describe themselves as your best friends AND worst enemies. Not only do they train you but they serve as mentors too.



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