6 Things You Should Know About People With High-Functioning Depression

Even though it might not be obvious, getting through the day is exhausting for people with high-functioning depression. Here are 6 things you should know.

It is often difficult to spot the signs of someone with high-functioning depression because, on the outside, they seem to appear completely fine. However, as they are going through their routine motions to maintain their day-to-day relationships and work, on the inside they are screaming. While some people with depression are unable to work and face a significant change in their performance, on the other hand, people with high-functioning depression can still function in life, for the most part. Nevertheless, being able to get through the day does not mean it’s smooth and easy so here are six things you should know about people with high-functioning depression.

1. People with high-functioning depression are not faking it

Due to the stigma society and the media has portrayed of what depression looks like (dysfunctional lying down in bed all day), people with high-functioning depression are constantly questioned whether they are faking their mental illness. Along with dismissing the authenticity of their depression, many people gaslight the mentally ill into making them believe that they are not depressed.

2. They should not have to prove their struggles

To be taken seriously and to receive adequate treatment, people with high-functioning depression have to go to great lengths to prove that they are in dire need of psychiatric attention- which should not be the case. Many a times doctors wave-off treatment because they don’t think the patient is on the ‘level’ just because they are not a ‘mess’. Due to this, struggling patients have to lie about their functional life regardless of thoughts like suicide preventing them from reaching their utmost potential just to get access services.

3. Their good days are like ‘normal’ days for mentally stable people

For people with high-functioning depression, a good day consists of being able to perform routine tasks like getting up on time and tolerating work or/and school without feeling the usual amount of despair. Their good days are not extraordinary, but their illness makes them belive that those are good days when those are what normal days are like.

4. The bad days are unbearable

On the contrary, those suffering from high-functioning depression have to guilt themselves out of bed and shame themselves to shower and then head to work and/or school on a bad day. They have to put up a fake persona to get through the day and to avoid slacking off or inviting questions from people around. Despite being recognised at work or school, those suffering from high-functioning deprssion know deep down that they didn’t deliver at their fullest therein, they feel like ‘losers’ and demean themselves.

5. Little things require a lot of energy on a bad day

Although, they get their tasks done, it takes an exceptional amount of energy and time to do so. Blacking out, day dreaming and getting lost increases whilst concentrating becomes extremely difficult. Consequently, factors like frustration, irritation, being self-critical and self-doubt become common. Hardly anything they produce is their best work.

6. High-functioning depression is just as real and valid

Although, these people can get their tasks done, they all require a lot of self-loathing, zoning out, low moods and an enormous amount of energy. Putting up a fake persona and concealing the internal screams is not at all easy- rather it is more difficult than not functioning at all.


Living with high-functioning depression is incredibly exhausting. It invloves spending everyday smiling and forcing laughter when, in reality, you are plagued and troubled with feelings of self-doubt, suicide and feeling hopeless & useless.

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