7 Lessons Learnt During Quarantine

Quarantine has given us all some time to ponder over many things around us. Here are 7 lessons that I learnt during this time.

During quarantine, a lot of people have had the time to ponder over certain aspects of life. It’s not only me but most of us have come to a realization that we take life for granted and all those little things as well. There’s so much that we can do through the internet and most of our systems aren’t even digitally equipped. Most organizations weren’t even strong enough to conduct various procedures online but had to due to the circumstances. Here are some lessons I’ve learned during quarantine:

Work from home is doable.

To be very honest, I had mixed views regarding working from home. I was skeptical only because I had never really done it nor given it enough thought. Surprisingly, I’m actually quite liking it. It’s been almost 2 weeks since I started working from home and so far it’s been a great experience. Why do I like it? Well, I don’t have to wake up extraordinarily early to get tasks done. I have the leverage to wake up at the last moment, provided that it does not hinder any of my tasks for the day.

Junk food is not crucial for survival.

I had a bad habit of ordering lunch from various online sources. Foodpanda was definitely my go-to for lunch in the office. It was my savior and I never paid much heed to lunch because Foodpanda had my back. Now that delivery services are closed, it has given me time to cook for myself and also for my family. I’m sort of eating healthy, I guess. Being in quarantine has made me realize that I can live without all the junk food.

Classes can be conducted online.

We have always been taught in classrooms where everyone and everything was physically present. I never had any experience with online classes and I’m assuming most of us didn’t either. However, during this time, I realized how unequipped we are. None of the universities or schools were digitally active as they should have been. At least the pandemic led us to think and proceed with learning without being physically present in one room.

We can survive without vacations.

I can say that we can totally survive without vacations. However, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t. Vacations should be important as it provides peace of mind. However, we can still live without them. I think I’m saying this maybe because I like being home and many people think otherwise. It’s just my opinion and you can disagree with me.


Never take little things for granted.

Most of us take the little things in life for granted. We don’t value them enough or cherish those moments. If I talk about myself, I really took many little things for granted like going out to buy groceries or having a tea break with family. We’re confined to one space, which is our home, and only leaving it when it’s absolutely necessary. I never really thought that we would face this time. Hence, we all should truly live in the moment and enjoy everything to the fullest.


We need to spend more on healthcare.

We need to invest more on healthcare and education, instead of defense and weapons. I’m not talking about Pakistan only but the whole world. Every country in the world wants to be more powerful and power is associated with having a huge armed force. This pandemic has shaken the whole world in a matter of a few weeks, which shows how weak we are in terms of healthcare and research that we’re facing an uncontrollable virus outbreak even in the 21st century. It’s a lesson we all need to learn so that this mistake does not repeat.


Nothing is permanent.

In the end, the most important lesson that I’ve learned throughout quarantine is that nothing is permanent. Everything and everyone in this universe is mortal. Something as small as bacteria can wipe out nations within months, that’s how fragile we are. The lesson I’ve learned is to be humble and stay grounded in these times.

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