8 Things That Happen When You Drink Frizzy Drinks

We all love a can of soda with every other meal and now they have become a staple in our lives rather then just something you have occasionally. Frizzy drinks contain ingredients that can have a negative effect on your body. Here are 8 things that can happen to your body when you have too many frizzy drinks

1. Type 2 Diabetes

Frizzy drinks can cause a spike in your blood sugar level and regular drinking of it can lead to development of type 2 diabetes.

2. Weight Gain

The most obvious thing that happens with frizzy drinks is that you gain weight. Even when you have one a day for an year, it can result into an extra 15 pounds.

3. Bad Skin

Frizzy drinks are obviously high in sugar and that has an impact on your insulin levels, which messes your pH levels and causes breakouts.

4. Fertility

A study showed that women who drink more than one can of soda a day have 25% lower fertility rates as compared to women who don’t.

5. Premature Ageing

Sweetened beverages don’t allow your cells to regenerate as quickly as they normally do and that results in fast ageing of the body.

6. Kidney

Poor kidney function and soda drinking are linked together, another reason to avoid them.

7. Bad Memory

Excess sugar in your diet can cause you to have poor memory.

8. Bad Teeth

Sugary drinks are the worst for your teeth. It acts as a bloodsucker for calcium and even causes dental erosion.

Now that you know how bad frizzy drinks are for you, maybe it’s time to quit them?