Affogato Is Becoming a Fashion Dessert and Here Is How?

Affogato, a popular dessert on social media, combines a scoop of gelato with a shot of espresso. And here is why it is becoming a fashion dessert.

If you have a profile on social media packed with beautifully crafted baked goods you might have seen a straightforward, two-ingredient treat taking over the past few weeks.

Affogato is produced by drenching scoops of vanilla gelato in a single infusion of potent espresso, achieving the ideal balance of harsh and delicious. It combines two of Italy’s finest masterpieces. While its precise beginnings are unidentified it is thought to have become more well-known in the 1950s as the manufacturing of ice cream became more industrialised. The dessert, which epitomises Italy, is common in warmer months and can be seen on practically any cobblestone street. Affogato, however, has grown more and more commonplace abroad and has come to represent the desire for an Italian summer in the sun’s warmth.

The dessert is made at Vivoli, a handmade ice cream shop in Florence’s traditional region since 1932. It uses an approach that involves scooping gelato into a mug of coffee with care while departing a tiny hole in the centre for the coffee. Four one-serving Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream containers are displayed carefully on a serving platter in a photo shared on Instagram by Gohar World, a company recognised for its fanciful tableware and buzzy partnerships with craftsmen and designers. Every single centre has been taken out and stuffed with espresso using handmade sterling silver teaspoons.

Fashion designers are turning to TikTok and Instagram to romanticise ordinary life, incorporating everyday meals and dishes amid their style-focused material, in an approach that garnered traction during the epidemic.

The possibility for meals as a fashion element alongside jewellery and accessories is also being recognised by marketers. While Prada purchased the renowned Milanese pastry store Marchesi in 2014 and established a London location in 2019, Dolce & Gabbana and Pasta Di Martino collaborated to produce an assortment of pasta in 2017.

The rise in popularity of affogato additionally motivated some people to create unique and original takes on the dish. Diana Yen, a recipe creator and the artistic director of Studio A La Carte, has developed her own version of the dish utilising matcha rather than regular espresso.

The simplicity of affogato, particularly when contrasted with the enormous work and price of a true Italian summer vacation, may be the cause for its ubiquity this time of year. Even though summer is coming to an end, it seems like the desert won’t go for a while. A tiny flavour of brightness you can bring with you anyplace—including as the gloomier days of the cold approach—whether you make affogato for an evening with friends or just as a daily delicacy.

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