Air Ambulance Service Returns in Karachi

Over two decades later, the air ambulance service at the JPMC has resumed. A reinforced helipad has been constructed at the roof to ensure full functionality.

The Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) has constructed a new helipad on its roof ensuring the return of air ambulance services. Patients residing in the rural areas of Sindh and Baluchistan who are in critical conditions will be able to utilize this facility.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan (CAA) has given a go-ahead signal to the operation of the air ambulance and for it to land at the newly constructed helipad. As an essential precautionary measure, a fire brigade was also arranged.

The air ambulance service had to discontinue despite fully operating through the ’90s due to the deterioration of the helipad. JPMC Executive Director Dr Seemin Jamali while talking to The News stated, “The need for having a reinforced helipad at the JPMC reemerged given incidents of explosions in far-flung areas of Sindh and Balochistan. Now patients can be brought to the JPMC within a couple of hours from any area in Sindh and Balochistan.”

Due to patients from all over Pakistan coming to JPMC for their medical treatment, the provincial government is providing more services that are of international standards to facilitate civilians and even overseas patients adding to the quality treatment.

JPMC Deputy Director Dr Yahya Tunio said that in addition to the precautionary fire brigade, an ambulance will also be present. Moreover, apart from the air ambulance itself, military-grade helicopters, helicopter ambulances and mid-size transport ambulances could land on the reinforced helipad as well.

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