All You Should Know About Coronavirus

Started from a small city of China, Coronavrius has been spreading all around the country now, and it is possible it might spread around the globe.

Coronavirus is a disease usually found in animals, which leads to diarrhea and upper respiratory issues. However, it has now spread to humans too. It originated from Wuhan, China and has now spread to almost whole of the country. People are facing extreme pneumonia and have issues in breathing due to the virus. Slowly from Hubei, it spread to the whole of China. And now, furthermore, has spread to Thailand where three cases have been reported. It has also gripped itself in the United States, Japan and South Korea, where one case has been reported in regards to this virus.

Picture Courtesy : Bloomberg

Uptill now, Coronavirus has taken 571 lives. There have been several deaths reported in China. From where the spreading originated, Hubei, there have been a death report of 393 cases. Moreover, there have been reports coming in from other parts of the country. And to curb the spreading of disease, the public transportation system has come to a temporary halt in China.

“We must be steadfast and strong to keep the outbreak within Wuhan. We’ll urge Hubei province and the city of Wuhan to take the strictest measures for prevention and control,” Li Bin, vice minister of the National Health Commission, said on Wednesday.

It seems like the entire city of Hubei and Wuhan are on suspension. The whole cities are closed down as to be in a quarantine situation.

Moreover, we hope and pray that the coronavirus sees the end to it as soon as possible. Up till now, no such vaccines have been provided against this emerging virus. And we also pray for those who are going through much because of the virus. May all recover soon. Amen.

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