Amichi PK: Customization At Its Best! Build Your Own Pizza/Pasta

Amichi pizzeria and kitchen is located in DHA, Phase 6 at Nishat Commercial. What was striking to us about this eatery from the get-go was the menu and its options. It includes building your own pizza and pasta. This aspect makes it stand out from amongst the rest of the pizzerias, which are already far too many in number.

Amichi takes its roots from a Latin Phrase ‘Cohort of friends’.The eatery is a brainchild of three friends, belonging to the corporate world who wanted to venture off and bring into existence a place which would provide to customers the freedom of building their own meal.

The core essence of this eatery is customization of the meal from the base up. There is a placard present at each table, with an array of topping and sauce options to choose from; the whole process is quite simple all you have to do is tick all the toppings you’d want and hand it over to the attending waiter and voila, hassle free ordering.


The eatery is not huge in its expanse, however, it is quite accommodating in its seating arrangement. Bar stools are also present which is great if you want to be seated individually and not take up space for numerous people. The interior is rustic and homely, with a neutral color scheme. A great spot for pictures with ample sunlight too. The waiters are quite attentive and friendly in their regard, they keep a check if everything is up to par and whether or not the customers are satisfied with the food and service both which is key in customer service.


Onto the food, we made a pick of the specialties the waiter suggested. Our order consisted of  Jalapeno Poppers for starters, Bell Pepper Cream Pizza and Creamy Marinara pasta for the mains.

Jalapeno Poppers

When we had the placed the ordered, we expected it to be the typical deep fried pepper filled with cheese. However to our surprise, the poppers were shaped as little spheres; filled with oozing cheese coated in breadcrumbs and golden fried to perfection, complete with jalapeno bits which had just right the kick of spice to it.

Creamy Marinara Pasta

Fettucine Pasta tossed with an amalgamation of two sauces. Both; a red marinara sauce(which has a tomato base) and creamy parmesan cheese sauce. Italian chicken chunks and sliced black olives. The pasta was lightly seasoned with basil and oregano leaves. What gave the dish a pop of flavor was the use of fresh mushrooms which really accentuated the entire dish.If the dish had a bit more seasoning it would’ve been just right!

Bell Pepper Cream Pizza

Again, another dish which did not come with typical ingredients atop. As the name suggested bell peppers we were expecting an overload of red and green capsicum, but when the order came we were happily surprised,We questioned the waiters almost immediately, before even taking a bite into the pizza,informed that bell pepper, in fact, was blended with the cream as the base of the pizza. It could do with a bit more cheese, but that’s just our preference. A great treat to our taste buds nonetheless!





What we noticed about this place was, there was a spin on the old school classic in almost any meal we tried. There was a fusion in flavors and the way ingredients were used. It’s an eatery which tries to break the typical monotonous flair which is associated with pizza and pasta joints.

This eatery gets a thumbs up from us for certain!

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