Amna Ilyas’s controversial photos on Instagram makes netizens furious

The model is once again at the center of the controversy.

Amna Ilyas’s photos in Sri Lanka have put her at the center of controversy yet again. The photos had evoked a strong negative reaction from the Pakistani public.

What were in those photos you may ask? Well, it was simply Amna Ilyas in the pool wearing a bikini. Yup! you read that right.

The model was wearing sunglasses and was seen overlooking the sea. The caption read, “Scars are tattoos with better stories #colombo.”

The image did not go well with the masses as the reactions to Amna Ilyas’s photos were overwhelmingly negative.

Amna Ilyas's photos

Many slut shamed her while others called her a “cheap” and “vulgar” actress. One commenter wrote “I’m thinking what your parents and brothers will say if they see this?” 

Many even raised questions about the model’s belief in the Islamic faith and questioned if she was even Muslim.

Despite the controversy, Amna Ilyas did not take down the photo. In fact, this is not the first time the model has gotten scrutiny from the masses for her choice of dressing.

Earlier in the year, Amna Ilyas created a lot of controversy after her bold photoshoot. In that photoshoot, she was wearing a very revealing maroon dress as she posed for the camera.

Amna Ilyas's photos

That photoshoot also drew a lot of controversy from the masses. Many were quick to shame Amna Ilyas for her choice of dressing.

Unfortunately, such instances are all too common for Pakistani actresses and models. Unless our people learn “live and let live”, these types of attacks will continue to happen. 

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