Artistes Happy Now That Theatres Are Reopened

After months of asking, the artistes in Pakistan are finally happy as theatres are reopened with the government's permission.

After months of artistes asking for the reopening of the theatres, it finally happened! Punjab Government has given orders to reopen theatres again, making the artistes happy.

Artistes Theatres Reopened Pakistan

After the announcement of the theatre reopening came forward, Theatre Action Committee Chairman Qaiser Sanaullah Khan stated that the theatres and cinemas had been closed for the past six months to stop COVID-19 from spreading.

Since the pandemic started, many artistes were dismayed as they had not been allowed to reopen the theatres even with SOPs being implemented. This had been leading to many artistes facing difficulty surviving the pandemic. Now, however, they are excited as the government has finally given the green signal on the reopening.

Artistes Theatres Reopened Pakistan

“Other business sectors across the country are working as usual and as far as we’re concerned, we’ve come up with our own precautionary measures that we’re going to implement,” comedian Qaiser Piya stated when asked.

“Our only demand was that we be allowed to work, not given aid. This permission has now been granted. So I hope it will have positive results. However, my request to the federal and provincial governments is that we are facing severe financial difficulties due to the lockdown. In view of the circumstances, we should be given a two-year relief in renewing our theatre licences.”

The government may have allowed the reopening of the theatres, but artistes may not get much work until after Muharram.


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