Ayodhya Verdict Announced Today

On Saturday at 10:00 AM, Indian Supreme Court gave it's statement on the Babri Masjid case, athough Muslims are not much glad with the given statement.

Babri Masjid has been a spot of dispute between Hindus and Muslims since 1992. A decision on the Ayodhya case. This case has been an issue of life and death for both of the communities since 1992.

Today, on 9th November’19, the Indian Supreme Court announced its verdict under the judgement of Ranjan Gagoi. The Court gave the verdict telling to build a temple on the disputed space. On the other hand, Muslims have been allotted a five-acre land to build a mosque. The court also took in consideration the attack on Babri Mosque, and called it an act of violence.

Ranjan Gagoi said “This court must accept faith and accept belief of worshipers. Court should preserve balance.” Narendra Modi also commented on the verdict put forward. “The halls of justice have amicably concluded a matter going on for decades … ”


The Muslims in particular are not much happy with the Ayodhya decision. On the other hand, Shah Mahmood Qureshi also gave his remarks. Today marks the day when Karturpur Corridor is being opened up for Indian Sikhs. According to SMQ,

“Could it [verdict] not have waited a few days? I am deeply saddened at the insensitivity shown at such a joyous occasion,” he said while talking to DawnNewsTV. “You should have taken part in this happy occasion and not attempted to divert attention. The dispute is a sensitive issue and should not have been made part of this happy day.”

When at one place Muslims and Pakistan is trying to help out the Indians here, there on the other hand, India is making decisions to ruin this maintained decorum. Sad, but true.

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