Bank Al-Habib’s Bharosay* Ka Rishta

There is something known as human error. Aur insaan to ghaltiyon ka putla hota hai. So why not let something go, rather than mocking it every now and then.

We all, the one writing it and the one reading it, are human beings. And it is in human nature to make some mistake or other. Because no one is perfect in this world today. We try our level best to hide our mistakes. But when it comes to someone else’s mistake, damn, we never let it go. And this leads to many repercussions that might be beyond our imagination. And this has nothing to do with any particular society, or culture. It remains constant all around the world. Whether it be someone’s leaked videos, or some misprint, we keep mocking it till the one being mocked faces the consequences of their deeds.

A couple of days ago, there was an add on Bank Al-Habib’s website, where their tagline was typed incorrectly. It became a laughing stock for whole of the country. It was sad to see that such error was entertaining enough for everyone on Facebook. People started sharing it everywhere not realizing the minor results of sharing. One might have lost his/her job over such mistake. A company might have faced backlash because of such mistake. Small things lead to bigger issues especially in a third world country like Pakistan. Where people are less tolerant and more hyperactive.

It might have been funny for many, but it would have been a dreadful mistake for some. Some mistakes should be let gone and we should move past the phase where one’s mistake is a laughing stock for us. We should try growing up and we should be considerate about it.

We hope Bank Al-Habib doesn’t fire the poor soul, because we are all humans at the end of the day.


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