Bella Hadid calls out Islamophobic laws against Muslim women

The supermodel has long been a proponent of religious freedom

Bella Hadid has never shied away from making her opinions heard. She has constantly stood up for the rights of Muslims around the world.

Her latest statement calling out Islamophobic laws around the world is an a testament to that. She took to Instagram to call out nations that have passed laws which discriminate against Muslim women.

Bella Hadid has uploaded several posts in support of Muslim women’s right to wear the hijab. Each of these posts aimed at condemning nations for their Islamophobic laws which bans the hjiab.

The famous supermodel also donned a stunning black hijab in support of her fellow Muslim women. She wore the dress at an event which was a part of the New York Fashion Week.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid also stated that such laws are not only Islamophobic but also sexist. She believes that men are in no right to tell women what to wear, especially in today’s day and age.

Like we mentioned earlier, Bella Hadid has stood firmly in support of Muslim rights all over the world. In May of last year, she came out in support of Palestinian rights and called out Israel’s human rights abuses.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that she is once again taking a stance in favor of Muslim rights.

Bella Hadid

In recent times, many people from across the Islamic world have condemned a string of laws targeting Muslim women.

Laws have been passed in Belgium, France, India and Quebec that have banned women from wearing the hijab. These laws apply to the public sphere.

While such laws are discriminatory and controlling, we salute Hadid for standing her ground. We commend her for using her privilege for standing up for the rights of Muslims worldwide.

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