Best Molten Lava Cake Places in Karachi

Molten Lava Cake is a chocolate lovers heaven and finding the perfect lava cake which satisfy cravings is hard. Here is a list of 6 best lava cakes in town.

For chocolate lovers finding the perfect molten lava cake is what dreams are made of. And chocolate lovers know it is quite hard to find a molten lava cake that satisfies the cravings.

Many cafes in Karachi seem to have molten lava cake on their menu, but some have mastered this heavenly dessert. Amongst chocolate lovers and those who aren’t this is one of the most sacred desserts and has to be done right. Here is a roundup of cafes and a bakery with the best in town.

1. Koel Café

Molten Lava Cake

Koel is not just a beautiful cafe but also has amazing food, especially the molten lava cake. Here you can even enjoy an art gallery while you wait for your dessert as the wait is long but worthwhile. The ambience of the place and the staff makes the experience quite remarkable.

2. Butler’s Chocolate Café

Molten Lava Cake

Butlers Chocolate Café is a heaven for chocolate lovers as the name suggests but the molten lava cake of Butlers is one of the best in k-town. It comes with the side of the yummiest chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream for topping.

3. Caffé Praha

Caffé Praha is known for its delicious food especially the Moroccan Chicken and its coffee from the heart of Prague but the molten lava cake will blow your mind. The dark molten lava cake is served in their blush pink signature plate with dark chocolate sauce all over it and with cold vanilla ice cream like the traditional lava cake. The loyal customers can’t stop praising this dessert from Praha.

4. Dominos

You’re not reading it wrong, the very famous international pizza restaurant, Dominos serves one of the best lava cakes. We have all heard praises of the Pakistani Hot and Extreme Pakistani Hot flavour of Dominos but the lava cake from their menu is something you would want again and again. Although they don’t have the traditional ice-cream lava cake and you can enjoy the cake hot or warm.

5. Bella Vita

Molten Lava Cake

Bella Vita is the perfect place for a friends hangout or a family outing so why not end the meal with one of the best lava cakes in town? Bella Vita serves perfectly shaped dome molten lava cake, filled with chocolatey goodness, chocolate sauce and crushed biscuits in every bite.

6. Hotspot Café

Molten Lava Cake

The hotspot is famous for its deserts all over Pakistan especially the breakfast desserts like waffles. And apart from that its molten lava cake is quite known It is a chic but modern café with amazing food quality and taste. You can get some Instagram-worthy pictures while enjoying your delicious dessert.

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