Bonding With Loved Ones During Quarantine

How many of you people out there have a great bond with your family? Well, quarantine has given me a reason to bond with my loved ones!

Before quarantine, I’m sure most of you must have hectic routines like myself. It sometimes gets a bit too tiring as there’s little to no time left for myself, family or friends. I feel like quarantine has given us all a long break that was much needed, at least for me. It’s also given me the time to bond with loved ones and the best way to do it is by eating together at home!

Food has always brought people together, whether you’re at a five-star fine dining restaurant or a roadside dhaaba, food is always the bonding element. I’m not really a foodie but in the past year, I’ve eaten a lot. There are a lot of people who really find pleasure in food. Eating food with your loved ones sounds even better so why not utilize this time and bond with your family?

Why am I focusing so much over this? It’s because when you’re all grown up, your parents get old, your siblings get busy in their own lives, these will be the times you will remember. You’ll reminisce about these times which you spent with them as these memories will stay with you forever. And also because you can’t really have that bonding when you’re busy during the normal days.

I feel thankful for this quarantine because in a way it has cleared my perspective. It has given me time to ponder over what really is important in life. It has also brought me closer to the loved ones around me whom I never get to spend time with otherwise. Working and studying just gets exhausting and many times I don’t even know what’s going on at home.

You can do little things together like watch a movie or cook food and have dinner together with family and loved ones. Teasing each other till one of them gets offended and then making it up to them, these little things will stay with forever engraved as a memory. I’m trying to look on the side where the grass is greener in the world amid all the negativity. I think we all should, it’ll help us all to fight back and get through this time.

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