Boy Kills Cousin and Commits Necrophilia in Lahore

Today, Monday 29th December, a teenage boy in Lahore confessed to strangling his 7-year old cousin and committing necrophilia at a village near the Mohlanwal area and then dumped her body in a pond.

According to the police, the girl was a daughter of a laborer, a resident of the Mohlanwal village in Lahore, she was tricked into following her cousin and his friend into a secluded place and was brutally murdered after which the boy committed necrophilia.

Upon their daughter’s absence, the parents notified the police after which the Deputy Inspector, General Shariq Jamal, of Lahore police stated in the press conference that due to the victim’s father’s suspicion, his nephew, Rizwan Yousuf, and the friend, Allah Ditta, were detained. Who later confessed to committing necrophilia.

The DIG said the victim’s parents first thought she had gone to a local madrassah to learn the holy Quran. However, when she did not return for some hours, her father approached the Lahore police. Later in the day, a police team managed to recover the girl’s body from the pond, and during interrogation, the boy, Rizwan Yousuf confessed to committing necrophilia.

Rizwan Yousuf was presented before the media, along with his friend, who told reporters: “First, I strangled her to death and then sexually assaulted [her dead body, committing necrophilia] to take revenge from my uncle (the victim’s father), as he used to admonish me over petty issues”. “Being her cousin, I was sure she would not reject my offer of Rs10 and would accompany me to the nearby forest in the Mohlanwal area in Lahore, where I wanted to take her to commit the planned crime,” Rizwan said.

The victim’s father had always been suspicious of Rizwan and would never let him close to his daughter because he did not trust his character. Frustrated by this treatment, Rizwan took revenge and murdered his cousin in cold blood, and committed necrophilia in Lahore.

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