Connection between diet and mental health

The connection between diet and mental health are more linked than you would think. Eating well plays a huge role for a positive mindset.

Recent studies have shown that the connection between diet and mental health are more closely linked than we realize. After all we are what we eat.

Mental Health Diseases are more prevalent in Pakistan than you think as they are increasing tremendously. You may think that diet and mental health have nothing to do with each other. A good diet plays a huge role in maintaining a positive mindset.

How are diet and mental health linked

The relationship between what we eat and our mental health is quite complex, but there is a connection between what we eat and how we feel. Some foods can help us feel better and positively affect our brains. If someone is suffering from depression or stress, eating healthier foods is a great way to relieve it. Foods like vegetables, seafood, grains, oatmeal, and fruits have a positive impact on the brain.

There are 2 groups of foods that have a negative impact on the brain :

  1. Foods that would trick the brain into releasing chemicals we may be lacking, and temporarily altering our mood (caffeine and chocolate)
  2. Foods which prevent the conversion of other foods into nutrients that the brain needs.

Junk food has a negative effect on the brain and body. Usually, people who have mental health problems turn to unhealthy foods for pleasure and relaxation (pizzas, ice cream, burgers, and pastries). This not only has terrible effects on the body but also on the brain. The brain becomes addicted to the unhealthy foods and their taste, forcing one to eat constantly.

These are some ways that a healthy diet affects brain health:

  1. Raising serotonin levels through various food enzymes, which improves mood.
  2. Altering brain proteins and enzymes to increase neuronal transmitters, which are the connections between brain cells.
  3. Enhancing the development of the brain.
  4. Increase in good gut bacteria. This promotes a healthy gut biome that reduces inflammation. Inflammation is known to affect both cognition and mood.

Eating Disorders 

If someone is using food in any negative way to feel controlled or to deal with emotional pain, they’re most likely suffering from an eating disorder. Eating disorders are a set of psychological illnesses that lead to unhealthy eating habits. The connection between food and mental health is very profound and shouldn’t be overlooked.

These are the common eating disorders

  1. Anorexia nervosa (extremely underweight, restricted eating patterns)
  2. Bulimia nervosa (extremely overweight, binge eating)
  3. Binge eating disorder (eating large amounts of food rapidly)
  4. Pica (eating things which aren’t considered as foods)
  5. Rumination Disorder (previously chewed and swallowed, re-chews it, then re-swallows)
  6. Avoidant food intake disorder (avoiding any nutrients and calories)

Having meals with family and friends helps

Eating with other people has several psychological benefits. It promotes fellowship with other people and gives us a sense of regularity. Eating with family, friends, or others can help with stress or depression because it makes us feel more normal. It is always nice to eat with someone.The connection between diet and mental health can impact a person in many way, if you eat your meal with someone you will feel more comfortable.

Mental health is not to be trifled with and should be taken extremely seriously. Depression is one of the most common mental health issues in the world and should not be overlooked. Eating healthy should be everyone’s goal, as it can only have a positive effect on a person.

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