‘Core Mama’ – Post-Partum Fitness for Moms

Calling all new mamas to be back to fit & fine!

The highly qualified team of experts at Core Karachi have meticulously designed the ultimate postpartum rehab program for new moms starting November 7, 2019!

Their ‘Core Mama’ fitness and wellness program effectively enables new moms to regain their strength for body, mind and spirit alike. The main focus is to get new moms active, help them recover fast and to safely incorporate pre-pregnancy exercise routines.

The Core Mama program is sure to make new mamas feel confident about moving and regaining their strength with Core’s certified and experienced instructors, always there to motivate them and provide relentless support.

Since we all very well know that food is fuel for the body, as new mum, this is not a time to go on some crazy diet and deprive your body of essential macros. Core Karachi also gives you essential guidelines about eating healthy and post-pregnancy weight-loss.

Frequently Asked Questions of new moms  that Core Karachi team has answered:

1. Is it safe for me to join this class?

Above all, moms must be at least 6 weeks postpartum (8 weeks for a C-section) with clearance from their physician to resume any physical exercise.

2. Is it a weight loss program?

The focus of this program is not extreme weight loss.Our workouts are gentle and low impact. This is a perfect class to restart and initiate your fitness regime and get those muscles working again We will focus on safely returning your body to pre-pregnancy health; help you regain your strength, work on your pelvic floor and deep core muscles. Some women might end up losing inches and weight but again it will vary person to person.

3. How hard is the workout?

As mentioned before this is rehab and fitness journey for new moms hence we will progress week-by-week taking baby steps and by week 6 you will feel much stronger and confident. We will focus on safely returning your body to pre-pregnancy health.

4. Is this class only for postpartum women, or others can join as well?

The focus of this class is postpartum recovery so there is a lot of emphasis on core work but if you are somebody who wants to start slow or recovering from any kind of injury then you are welcome to join this program.

5.Who will be training me?

Meet Adiba, an ACE certified personal trainer. Adiba has an experience of 7 years working in the fitness industry and specializes in Strength training, muscle building and fat loss. She is also a Rehab and Spinning Instructor. Adiba has been an essential part of our CORE family since 2015 and is currently working as a group instructor and Personal Trainer at our gym.

Meet Urooba, an ACE certified personal trainer. Urooba’s workouts specializes in Rehab Training. Her classes are fun and energetic with special focus on muscle imbalances and posture correction. She has been an essential part of our CORE family since 2016 and is currently completing her Precision Nutrition Level 1.

Meet Zoha, our nutrition consultant for CORE MAMAS. Zoha specializes in providing patients with medical nutritional therapy and motivational lifestyle coaching for their body and health goals . Her specialization includes weight loss,diabetes management ,pediatric nutrition and exercise nutrition .
She will be providing nutritional support to all mamas.

Meet Sheema, the founder and co-owner of Core Karachi. Core is her passion project and she truly believes that exercise has the power to heal and change lives. Her vision has been at par with any international gym in terms of quality & service.

The multi-dimensionally rewarding  ‘Core Mama’ Program starts on the 7th of November. Join in right away, new moms!