Is Bahria Adventure Land a Hit or Miss?

Bahria Adventure Land is a state-of-the-art theme park that is one of its kind. But is it a hit or a miss according to us? Find out!

Bahria Town is considered a very posh area of Karachi. It’s located a few kilometers away from Karachi so technically, many people don’t think of it when they think of Karachi. This part of the city has all that you need to live a peaceful life despite being far. Schools, hospitals, mosques, and parks where you can spend your leisure time. They had opened up a zoo where many exotic animals were kept but recently, they opened doors to Pakistan’s first-ever themed park called Bahria Adventure Land.

Bahria Adventure Land was in the making for almost 2 years and a lot of people were actually excited. I’m sure many people had planned on going with their family and enjoy a day out. Many of them got bummed when they found out about the hefty amount they had to pay at the entrance. It was priced at PKR 4000 for adults and PKR 3000 for children. I saw many rants on Facebook stating that it’s a lot and many cannot afford to pay it. What they didn’t tell everyone was that this price included all the rides, you only have to pay once and you can enjoy all the 23 rides.

Theme parks are generally expensive if you look at the ones present in any other part of the world too. Many people agree with that, but I feel there was a slight communication gap between the seller and the buyers. It should have been advertised in a way that it’s a luxurious park with state-of-the-art facilities. I’m sure they weren’t targeting the masses considering the current economic conditions, one has to think more than twice before spending such an amount. It’s because our per capita income isn’t that high and masses can’t afford such a hefty amount.

There will always be things that will be out of reach of the masses. Even the richest man in the world can’t buy everything if he wants to. But if they were targeting the masses, then they should have been a little more considerate. Creating a theme park based on international standards definitely takes time and effort of countless people, which is why it took some years. There should have been something like wristbands which most places have. It’s my suggestion because most of the times parents take their kids to such parks but they don’t want to enjoy the rides themselves. So, introducing something like that would at least let their kids enjoy rides under their supervision.

Another thing was that there was a lack of food spots inside the park. It’s nice to have expensive food chains but then again, if you’re paying a lot already for the rides then I think people would want something that’s easy on the pocket. I think they can still save this theme park by making minimal changes but I think Bahria Adventure Land a total miss right now.

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