Coronavirus: Top Websites in the Past 28 Days

Coronavirus has impacted the whole world, hence changing behaviors of people. In the past 28 days, these the top websites that have received the highest traffic

Coronavirus has affected us all mentally if not physically. We’re bound to stay home and practice social distancing due to lack of research upon the disease. The virus has been hard to control and the behaviors of people have changed. We’re so desperate to find a solution that we believe everything we see on the internet, most do if not all. People have now visited the websites they never thought to visit before.

A chunk of shift in behavior can be noticed by analyzing what people are searching for, which websites they are visiting and what they’re doing online. A recent analysis by shows the spike in traffic of the most searched websites in the past 28 days due to coronavirus. The insights also show which industries have been impacted the most.

The top 4 most visited websites currently are:

WHO’s primary role is to direct and coordinate international health within the United Nations system. Their website has authentic and reliable news, hence, it is widely searched at this time. The website caters to the current pandemic and also has a separate section dedicated to coronavirus. People from all over the world refer to this website to find information regarding topics such as myth busters, protective measures and more.

In America, CDC is an imperative component of the Department of Health and Human Services. This organization works to protect America from all health-related threats and diseases. It’s also one of the most searched websites, especially in the U.S where there are the most number of coronavirus cases at the moment. The website has emergency numbers to call on and also other information regarding COVID-19.

websites coronavirus

This website is popular in Europe. ECDC is closely monitoring rapidly increasing COVID-19 cases in the Europe along with providing risk management tips, public health guidance and more. Italy has the most number of deaths at the moment with over 85,000 active cases that require attention. This website is referred to as a reliable source.

This website is by far one of the most visited ones with traffic of over 980 million in the past 28 days. It provides realtime information about more than just coronavirus patients and deaths. It also has information regarding population, births and deaths. The most helpful section of the website is probably the stats of coronavirus cases segregated by each country.

websites coronavirus

You can read the whole research here.

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