Crazy brow trends

The latest brow trends are making waves in the beauty world. Who would have thought that one can style their perfectly groomed eyebrows in various ways? But makeup artists and beauty bloggers have come up with the weirdest brow trends this year which has taken the social media by storm. Let’s have a look at some of these:


Finnish makeup artist, Stella Sironen, is the trend setter for Feather brows as she jokingly posted an image on Instagram. To get this look, all you have to do is part your brows and set the hairs into a feather-like shape using a Vaseline.


This look involves shaping your brows into wavy lines. It can be achieved by creating a wavy shape using washable glue, coloring them in and defining the squiggled edges with a concealer.


These brows are made to look as though they have been plaited. In reality, the tiny hair strands are not braided. Instead, this look can be achieved using a brow pencil by drawing cross patterns on your brows which resembles a plait. To make sure that the arches stay in place, set it with a brow gel.


This was started as a joke trend by Dubai based beauty Guru and YouTube star, Huda Kattan. It involves erasing your natural brows with concealer, drawing the M-like design with a pencil across the forehead and filling color in it. Is this really the peak of all brow trends?


Looks like we are moving from bold to shaved brows. France based MUA who goes by the name of Kapasovia on Instagram, experimented this new look. This look doesn’t literally require you to get rid your brows. But can be achieved using powder and glue and creating sharp brow outlines.

Hundreds of makeup lovers are attempting to re-create these brows and are jumping on this trend train. Are you brave enough to sport these unusual brow looks? We dare you to try these and go out like this.