140 to 280 characters – the more the merrier?

Twitter has evolved over the past decade. From offering to express yourself in 140 characters to featuring Photos, Videos, hashtags, polls, reacting with GIF’s and Periscope broadcasts. This allows people to do a lot in a single tweet. However, users took time to learn the art of expressing themselves and getting their message across in 140 characters. On one hand, most of the twitter users are acquainted with this and wouldn’t like it any other way. Others still struggle to tweet with a limitation of 140 characters.

Recently, founder of Twitter Jack Dorse, broke the news regarding Twitter’s decision to double its character limit. He called it ‘a small change, but a big move’.


Although, this new long tweet feature of 280 characters is available to a small group right now. But it was enough to get the Twitterati talking about this new feature and expressing their concerns.

The essence of Twitter is to give ‘to the point’ information, express your ideas concisely and boil it down to what’s important.

Another jibe by Sarah here:

A user took a dig at Twitter founder, Jack’s tweet itself.


Some users criticized Twitter for failing to understand what its user base wanted – the ability to edit tweets.

Whether the change become official or not, we are pretty excited about the whole affair.

We hope Twitter stays the brilliant creation it is, albeit the changes.