Debunking Myths About Coronavirus

The recent outbreak of coronavirus has led everyone to believe everything they saw on the internet, even though the information wasn't verified.

Coronavirus has made its way to several countries at this point. This virus emerged from a city in China called Wuhan in December 2019. People from all over the world have been panicking for some time now as there is no cure. Luckily, a US-based drug manufacturing company has released a drug that can cure coronavirus, but it’s still not approved by the authorities. Once it gets approved, it will be sent out to all the patients.

However, there have been many rumours that have surfaced the internet regarding the virus. Since we had little to no knowledge about the virus, people started spreading rumours and many started believing. Therefore, we’re here to debunk most of the myths.

Myth # 1

Coronavirus is man-made

There’s a whole community on the internet that likes to create conspiracy theories. That’s sort of okay until you make the other people believe stupid theories. The conspiracy theory was that this virus has been created in a lab to reduce population. Well, that’s actually not true.

Scientists have dismissed these theories as the origin of this virus has not been identified. It’s said to have spread from an animal (bat) in Wuhan’s illegal market. However, the source is not confirmed. The investigation is still on.

Myth # 2

Garlic Can Prevent & Cure Coronavirus

There is no cure for coronavirus yet but a vaccination has been developed which is being tested. These home remedies that are going viral on the internet will not cure or prevent coronavirus from spreading. Garlic is good for your health and it helps in combating various illnesses but sadly, not coronavirus.

These home remedies, such as using alcohol wipes, help in killing the virus if it’s on the outside. However, if the virus has entered into your body then these won’t do much. The best way to protect yourself is by washing your hands and use sanitizers before and after touching anything.

Myth # 3

Everyone should wear masks

You don’t need to wear a mask if you’re not sick. It won’t prevent you from getting the virus as it can be transmitted in various ways. A person suffering from flu and cough should opt for face masks in order to prevent others from catching the flu.

If you’re not ill then it’s okay for you to not wear any masks as it’s only necessary for the ones who are ill. These masks won’t make a big difference if you opt to not wear them.

Myth # 4

Everyone suffering from coronavirus dies

This is not entirely true. The death rate of patients suffering from coronavirus is 2%. The percentage is expected to fall. It is worrisome considering the huge number of deaths but this still does not prove this virus to be fatal.

The symptoms are similar to a common cold with some respiratory tract illness. In many cases, the symptoms go away on their own with little to no treatment. Fatal cases are rare but definitely there and the reasons can be many such as other diseases and weak immune system. Intaking foods and liquids that help in making the immune system stronger can be a huge help in fighting this virus.

You can visit World Health Organization’s website for a detailed article about all the myths regarding coronavirus and have a better understanding.

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