Exercise & The Weight Loss Journey

Exercise is not a punishment of what you ate, but a celebration of what your body can do.

By Abeesha Saeed


This article isn’t just about someone going through a phase, but it is my story and my journey that you will be reading progressively. Before I begin, I would love to consider a broad-spectrum. In general, people who feel embarrassed about their physical presentation & weight, start to hate themselves (body-shaming), get stressed, lose appetite, experience increased anxiety and decreased self-esteem. When people get depressed they are de-motivated to a level that they just don’t care anymore, literally about anything. Not only they have no plan to restrict themselves but also they increase the intake of unhealthy food being completely unoptimistic. This doubles the problem, and this is the point when people go from being fat to being obese, which provokes lots of health issues.


Honestly, the stated things happen when your appearance really bothers you. If it doesn’t, it makes no sense to change, because of someone or to be someone that the world admires, but you don’t. But if you really want a change and you think your body is stopping you from achieving your targets, making you lose confidence, holding you back from anything that you desire (if it is), now is the time to transform! Not because of people around you and what they say, but for yourself. 

Exercise not only changes your body, it improves your mind, your attitude, and your mood. So do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Remember: It’s a journey, not a destination.

Moving to why I actually wrote this article in the first place & why am I talking about my journey. It started almost a year and a half ago or probably two years ago. That was the time when I was really busy with my studies, so much so that I had no time to see myself in the mirror. And you can imagine what happens when one doesn’t see their own reflection. You start to fade into the shadows. I wasn’t exactly growing fat but yes, being out of shape. People started pointing out about my weight, maybe out of love. But I don’t like it when people interfere in my life. To be honest, I don’t like people suggesting me and the worst part is when I completely overlook the given advice, even when sometimes those suggestions are truly beneficial. Because I have a strong point embedded in my head as not to care about the world because I am not born to fit in. 

The Journey!

This was a long process (almost a year), and this lead me from being out of shape to being in no shape at all. Precisely, a lump of clay. At this point, I actually started realizing, not because of people around me, but felt not so good about myself. Bear in mind I am still not fat. I finally decided to gym (consider that this is the time when COVID -19 broke our national premises). I joined the club for almost two weeks –which were dreadfully painful – and now was the time to rise above the pain and focus real hard but unfortunately, lockdown was imposed. Huh! Back to home. But being very consistent, true to myself, I continued to work out every day.  Then came times when I couldn’t do it anymore, because I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Almost 5 months ago, when the lockdown was lifted, and I had enjoyed the time at home, and had partied hard, there were pretty evident consequences. I had gained 2 kg and now I had entered the boundary of being fat. But with lots of determination, I joined the gym and was ready to bear the pain once again. I was crazily doing it, with no cheating, and a tough diet. Again the results were very apparent; I lost 5 kg in a month and about 8 kg in 4months.

Today, I am happy with how I look and I also don’t want to quit working out because it has become a crucial part of my routine, of who I am. But here comes another breaking news, lockdown is enforced again!

Here is a piece of encouragement for all those out there who wants to start this journey;

You are fat, she is fat;

And you hear the whisper around;

You try to lose weight;

But at start you don’t lose a pound;

Saying no and yes;

To things you love and hate;

You stand on the scale;

To see if you lose weight;

You join the gym;

And you start jogging every day;

You say no to junk;

And try to squeeze a cheat day;

Little by little;

You see your weight losing;

Well, that’s good, you’re improving;

You’re continuing your exercises every day;

Your relative calls you for dinner the next day;

Your fridge is filled with burger and doughnuts;

But you gotta go for the nuts;

After months and months of losing sweat;

You stand on the scale;

And you don’t regret;

Now you can eat with harmony;

But be cautious;

You don’t wanna redo the journey.


This is a very beautiful poem written by my sister, obviously, I was the inspiration. 4 months ago I was a girl who is described in the beginning phase of the poem and intensely desired to be someone discussed in middle–that by the grace of God I am at the moment. But the real fear is that I should never fall in the last couplet of the poem.

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