Former K-pop star Seungri, Sentenced to 3 years in prison over fraud and prostitution.

Former Kpop star Seungri has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for fraud and prostitution! Should further action be taken?

The former K-pop star Seungri was sentenced to 3 years in prison by a Korean military court. Two years earlier, allegations against Seungri of prostitution and sexual assault had first come to light. The trial of Seungri, whose real name is Lee Seung -Hyun, is part of a scandal involving businessmen and a network of pop stars.


Seungri was a former member of the hit band BIG BANG and was called up for military service shortly after the incident. Before Seungri fell from grace, he was a huge success. He made a name for himself with BIG BANG, then joined K-Pop and became even more famous. Forbes magazine reported in 2016 that the group earned a total of $44 million before taxes last year. Seungri left the group in 2019 after media reports of prostitution allegations.

On Thursday, the court found the former star guilty on nine charges, including gambling abroad, embezzling funds from nightclubs, and procuring prostitutes for foreign investors. Korean citizens are prohibited by law from gambling while traveling. So Seungri was in big trouble for this aswell.

Seungri was present at the military court in Yogin, south of Seoul. He had shaken his head as he listened to the sentencing, which resulted in him being fined 1.15 billion won. Seungri had denied most of the charges and said they were false accusations. The scandal was about the nightclubs Seungri was involved in. Other K-pop stars also implicated in the scandal were Jung Joon -young and Choi Jong -hoo, who were sentenced to 6 years in prison in 2019 after being convicted of gang-raping a woman.


Seungri deserves to be in prison, and I feel like he should have a much longer sentence, three years wouldn’t change him. It is just awful to see former artists ruin their lives. What goes through their minds that they do such a terrible thing? In this generation, many artists go off the rails, and a single mistake can ruin their entire careers.

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