Aik Subh: The Song of Hope by Raakh

The song Aik Subh by Raakh gives hope to its listeners. The song is about never losing hope and always believing in yourself!

The song ‘Aik Subh’ by raakh is about not losing hope, believing there is a way out, and believing in second chances. The world we live in now is full of injustice, racism, destruction, sadness, and loss of life. So much so, that sometimes it is almost impossible for a human capacity to contain such heartbreaks. What can only be called inner darkness and the inability to perform at one’s emotional best are the by-products of this heartbreak. In this song raakh makes sure, to let out their feelings and talk about never losing hope.

You feel that everything around you is trying to bring you down. This causes nothing but pain and anxiety. Life becomes agonizing. Raakh strives to change such horrible mentality in people with their music. The world we live in is completely different than it used to be, you can not trust anyone anymore, you are passed over just so some else can get ahead of you. No one cares about others and their feelings, people have become so self-centered these days that it seems unreal, but it is the reality of society.

Whatever you are going through as an individual or with someone, know that it is just a phase that will subside after a while. Never give up because it weakens you more than anything else. As soon as you give up, you have lost the fight. Giving up and deciding you are not worth it is never the answer. You can achieve anything you want, you just have to work for it, you can get everything you have ever wanted, you just have to not give up and keep going for it! Just like raakh, they wanted to become unique and known singers and they accomplished their dreams.

These heartwarming and reassuring lyrics were written by a highly talented poet and artist- Shahan Zaidi. The song was composed by Hunain Jawed, Navaid Hussain, and Gibran Nassir. The band is called raakh.

Raakh is a 5-piece hard rock band, all born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. The way these 5 came together is interesting: they connected over WhatsApp. They all had the same musical interest and so a jam was started. For the next 5 years, Raakh tried their hand at English cover songs, which went pretty well. Though they were doing well, they wanted more. They wanted to break the stigma and shock the Pakistani music industry. So they started making music that was pretty new to Pakistan, “Hard Rock”. Their music had a meaning, it wasn’t only about love but also about modern-day issues, reality, the way our country is, and other issues that don’t get much attention in today’s global advertising and music industry.

Keep fighting the good fight, and always believe in yourself, is the motto of raakh. All in all, this band is going to do a lot more for the country and we hope they go far and achieve everything they want. Stay tuned for more music from raakh!

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