Local Candle Brands You’re Missing Out On

Candles that are relaxing, smells heavenly, and look cute are a blessing so here is a list of Pakistani candle brands which are worth every buck.

From having a candle lit in the background during your work from home meetings to lighting it during your indoor “me time”. No matter if it is winters or summers, candles are a must for a number of people to feel comfortable and make their home smell amazing.

Candles are escapist and meditative heaven for many, and I agree with those people. They can take you from a garden to an ocean smelling environment in a few minutes and who would mind that?

Candles are amongst the oldest invention in the ancient world. And before the invention, people used to use oil lamps to light up rooms.

If you are a candle fanatic like me and are looking for heavenly-smelling candles this list is for you. Below are not just amazing smelling candles but also stunning looking candles from Pakistani brands which you shouldn’t miss out on.

Dusk Candles Co. 

Yes, these are candles that burn and smell great and not just decor pieces!

Dusk Candles and Co. and hand-carved and hand-poured candles. The brand was started by Zeenat Amin, an influencer, who loves dressing up and being creative like she is with these candles. Cloud cube candles are her most loved pieces. And not just this but her body candles are customized according to the scars and imperfections the customer wants on their candles. She has candles for girls with c-section scars, childbirth imperfections, breast cancer survivors, and more.

These candles can be used just as decor or burnt to make your whole house smell great.

Hunza Candles 

These minimalistic candles are some of the best smelling candles by a local brand. This brand has a huge variety of fragrances and sizes in its collection. Their minimalistic packaging makes it a cute addition to the decor collection. Their fragrance ranges from flowery, fruity to fresh and many other genres.

Their new candle design is worth every rupee you spend on it.


Colish is one of the most loved brands by candle lovers. The elegant black packaging is irresistible and looks good in every room. However, Colish is not just a candle but it also has diffusers and room spray with an amazing scent selection. They even introduced a line of men, women, and unisex perfumes which if they smell as good and rich as their candles and diffusers, then we definitely want the whole collection.

The Karachi Candle Company

The first-ever soy candle company of Pakistan, started by two childhood best friends. Over the years, it has grown into a multinational company and it deserves the status. Their candles are perfect for working from home relaxation and your “me time”. The aesthetically pleasing packaging of the company makes it perfect for homes and even offices.

Sana Sajun and Neha Mashooqullah’s brand is a must-have for all candle fanatics.

Musk by Mushk 

Mushk Kaleem has been one of the leading names in the Pakistani model industry for the past few years, but now she is here to dominate the candle industry of Pakistan as well.

Her candle brand: Musk has been the talk of the town for while now. She has a collection of six smells, Coffee, Lavender, Wild Mulberry, Vanilla, Cherry Blossom, and Jasmine Citrus. Its minimalistic clear glass packaging is loved by the candle fanatics of Pakistan.

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