Life sentence for The School Teacher Who Threw Acid On Colleague

A school teacher was sentenced to life imprisonment for throwing acid on his colleague's face to get revenge for sending a proposal for another colleague.

Anti-terrorism court sentence a school teacher to life imprisonment who threw acid on his colleague over sending a proposal to another colleague.

On Wednesday, the verdict for an acid case in the judicial court was announced. The case was on Mohammad Sohail, a teacher of a school in Shah Faisal Colony, who threw acid on the face of Ahmer Iqbal. Both the man were colleagues. The reason Mohammad Sohail got out of control and threw acid on his colleague was that Ahmer Iqbal sent a marriage proposal for Asra, another colleague. Mohammad Sohail asked Ahmer Iqbal to withdraw the proposal because he wanted to marry Asra.

Iqbal lost both his eyes due to the acid attack, the Judge declared that all expenses for his treatment, recovery, and compensation will be paid for by the government. Due to the financial and social aspects of the victim, Judge believed that he should be sent to private facilities for treatment whether it is available locally or abroad.

During the trial, the case prosecutor threw more light on the detail which revealed that Sohail sent a marriage proposal for Asra, a few years back, and the family rejected his proposal. When Ahmer sent a proposal and Sohail found out about it, he went to the victim’s house and asked him to come out saying he has a gift for him. Sohail was standing outside with a mug full of acid and threw it on Ahmer when he came out and escaped.

Immediately, after the acid attack, the victim was rushed to the emergency ward of Hill Park General Hospital. Then was transferred to Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital.

The defense argued that Sohail was innocent and it’s the police who framed him, in the case.

This case was registered under the 336-B Section of Pakistan penal code with Section 7 of the 1997 Anti-Terrorism Act. The complaint was filed at the Shah Faisal Police Station.

Sindh Secretary Chief was asked by the Judge to take responsibility for providing for the medical treatment and the basic needs till the victim is fully recovered.

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