Who are the Taliban and how did they take over Afghanistan ?

The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse by the day, the Taliban have taken the country by storm after 2 decades. What will be next for Aghanistan?

Did the Afghan army fight back?

The Taliban, a fundamentalist Islamic force that ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until its overthrow by U.S. forces in 2001. 


On Sunday Taliban militants recaptured Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, almost 20 years after they were driven out of Kabul by the US troops.The Afghan military was second to none, and everyone believed they would be able to stand up to the Taliban. They have much more advanced, multi-million dollar equipment and have about 300,000 troops. While the Taliban had around 58,000-100,000 troops. On paper, the Afghan forces looked like they had a chance to defend their country.

The sad reality was that they were under poor leadership, barely trained, plagued by corruption, and their morale had been plummeting for years. Although Afghan forces were putting up a strong fight in some areas like Lakash Gah in the south, this time the U.S. decided not to get involved in this quarrel, so Afghanistan had neither the U.S. military nor support to fight the Taliban.

The Taliban continued to attack government forces, but along the way began murdering journalists and writers to spread even more fear. The Taliban rejoiced in their victory after nearly two decades, while Afghans were angry and felt betrayed.


How did the Taliban manage to do this so quickly?

They had been planning this since May and knew they wanted to take Afghanistan as soon as possible. As early as May, they began drawing up agreements and surrender arrangements. In their final and ultimate march to Kabul, there was no war or bloodshed, instead, the Taliban and government officials sat on a couch as they handed over cities and provinces.

TalibanAccording to the US, the fall of Kabul would take less than a month, and the Afghan government could fall in 90 days.Once they captured their first province, there was no stopping them, and it took less than two weeks to conquer all of Afghanistan!

Here is a video, where many Afghanistan citizens tried to get on the US Military plane, many got injured and a few of them died trying to get out of their own country. Some of these people held on to the plane and fell to their deaths…it was horrifying. The Talibans have struck fear all over the nation.

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