Minar-E-Pakistan, Woman Harassment incident.

On independence day, a woman was harassed at Minar-E-Pakistan by an hoard of 400 men. Is Pakistan still a safe place for women ?

As the nation’s citizens celebrated Pakistan Independence Day at the famous Minar-E-Pakistan monument in Lahore, 400 men sexually harassed a Pakistani woman. This woman had come there only to celebrate the nation’s birthday and show her pride in the country, not knowing the trauma she would experience.

The many men who were there, I thought that someone would help the poor woman who was molested all the time, but no one even budged in to stop the act. Her clothes were torn and she was molested by a whole horde of men. The worst part is that there are several videos on the internet, but not a single person tried to stop it or pull the girl out of the mob of dirty men with horrible intentions. Pakistan has been having a lot of cases with women and it’s horrible to see this take place.


Pakistan Independence day is meant to spread love, not only among the land but also among those around you. This act shows how terrible it is for a woman in this country. Every day there are more cases of rape and molestation in Pakistan and no one talks about it in the media. It is upsetting to see how our media shows the most senseless things, but not what is really important and has meaning. Women are as important if not more after this incident as men and should never ever be looked down upon all of these 400 men have horrible, vile mindsets and every single one of them belongs behind bars.

After this incident, we all hung our heads in shame. Pakistan should be a country of love and respect. In 1947, when Pakistan became a separate nation, no one would have expected people to sink so low. Minar-E-Pakistan is a famous monument and known for its beauty but the recent day has taken away its glory and what it was known for. Our own people are throwing the name of the country in the mud and every day there is a new incident. Many people complain about why women always say it’s because of men and why they think men are horrible. This is exactly why when incidents like this happen, women wonder if Pakistan is even the same for them anymore. I agree that harassment is well known abroad, but I have never seen 400 men attacking a single woman, and no one even thinking of putting a stop to it.

All of us, Pakistanis, are ashamed of the incident that took place. No woman deserves to go through such a thing and should be respected. The Minar-E-Pakistan was a widely known monument and the next time a tourist visits this landmark, the last thing that happened there was 400 men assaulting a girl. I am deeply ashamed and disgusted by what happened. No woman deserved this. I love this country with all my heart, I want the best for Pakistan, but this is something that should never happen again anywhere. Women do not deserve something like this, treat everyone the same.

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