Four Ways to Cope With Past Trauma

While many of us can evade our trauma, others are defined by it and are trying to heal constantly. Here are few ways to cope with past trauma.

Although those who can evade their past trauma are considered lucky in comparison to those battling their past trauma every day to the road of healing, the truth is- everyone has some sort of past trauma despite its emotional and mental magnitude.

Whether an individual suffers from seemingly less significant trauma as compared to the others who live through life-changing incidents, regardless, does not make their suffering any easier. To prevent the surfacing of triggers from occurring in the future, here are a few ways you can deal with your past trauma.

1- Being Patient
To fully heal from any past trauma, the first and most vital step is to be ready to give the process an ample amount of time. Giving it time will allow your psyche to process and absorb the trauma. This will create a capacity to move towards accepting it, learning to live life with it, and feeling the hurt caused by it.

2- Self-Regulation
One way to deal with or channel your past trauma is through self-regulation. This involves exercises such as grounding techniques, breathing techniques etc. These will provide you with the ability to gauge your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours in ways that will help you deal and heal with trauma

3- Establishing a Routine
Past trauma makes it difficult to feel fulfilled and connected with everything and everyone around you. There will be days where you may feel dysfunctional and distraught but healing is all about challenging these factors. Therefore it is essential to create a routine that revolves around you partaking in daily chores and activities that will keep you involved. However, make sure to keep time out for yourself to prevent overwork.

4- Seeking Professional Support
While there are many ways to deal with past trauma on your own, therapy sessions, joining support groups can ease the healing process. Apart from these discussion groups, confiding and talking to trusted and supporting friends is family is a bonus to the coping mechanism.

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