Generation’s Parwaaz Campaign is Inspired By Women Who Move

Take flight with Generation's clothes that don't hold you back, from their Spring Summer 2021 collection, Parwaaz which is inspired by women who move.

Back in September 2020, a video of a female cyclist went viral after she spoke up about a man groping her while she was riding her bicycle on a road in Islamabad. Many netizens immediately blamed her clothing for the appalling crime. Generation Pakistan seems to have picked up on the idea of how a woman cycling threatens a percentage of men that they have to act in a way that humiliates her and makes her question her decisions. Generation Pakistan, in their latest campaign, Parwaaz have highlighted this notion as it is inspired by women who move so to liberate their movement.

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The way Generation has projected its Spring Summer 2021 Collection is beautiful. While adapting another notion of our patriarchal society which discourages- in a lot of cases bans- women from taking flight, moving forward or stepping out, Generation’s Parwaaz, instead promotes these movements by women.

While some people may not even be able to recognise what the commercial is trying to tackle with since on the outside it seems so simple- some women riding bicycles, it is, however, a battle within oneself to come to the decision of stepping out, fully exposed to horrifying glares, ridiculing comments and so many more threats.

The Parwaaz campaign consists of bright-coloured prints like rich red and bright yellow which is another way Generation is tackling norms and practices of girls being advised to wear colours that will not attract any sort of attention. The Spring Summer 2021 collection, instead, wants women to be seen and wants them to project their power, beauty and resilience through their clothes whilst they take a Parwaaz. 

Generation's Parwaaz Campaign is Inspired By Women Who Move - Runway Pakistan

Furthermore, the women that have been featured by generation in this Parwaaz campaign are the perfect fit for the philosophy that it projects. Some of the many remarkable women included are the stunning Zara Bandukwala, the extremely talented artist Amna Rahman, Noor Unnahar and Ayesha Mehmood who both write beautifully.

The commercial also sheds light on the unity amongst women and the essence of women supporting women in patriarchal societies especially. Generation’s Parwaaz essentially highlights that once women harmonise, there is nothing stopping them from embracing freedom, putting up a fight if they have to and taking flight.

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