Lifebuoy is Encouraging Women to Speak Up Against Domestic Violence

Lifebuoy has collaborated with the Ministry of Human Rights to encourage women to speak up against domestic violence through their Tum Mazboot Ho campaign.

The Ministry of Human Rights Pakistan (MOHRP) has partnered with Lifebuoy Shampoo to stand against domestic violence and help raise stronger daughters for Pakistan. The Tum Mazboot Ho campaign has a powerful TV commercial that encourages women to speak up against domestic violence.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world- Pakistan in specific- recorded an exponential rise in domestic violence cases. As domestic violence often goes unreported or unacknowledged, especially in the rural areas of Pakistan, Lifebuoy Shampoo, with its recent campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Rights, has made an attempt towards encouraging women to report the crime. Their latest campaign, Tum Mazboot Ho, narrates the story of a mother and daughter who are faced with domestic abuse by the former’s husband.

The TV commercial aired on International Women’s Day. Lifebuoy Shampoo’s campaign with the Ministry of Human Rights showcases the strength of the bond that mothers share with their daughters whilst emphasising the power women have when they have each other’s back. Lifebuoy has also made sure to shed light on the importance of education in protecting future generations of girls from vulnerabilities.

Lifebuoy through this Tum Mazboot Ho campaign has provided an insight into the mind of a young girl who observes the suffering of her mother and realises that she can rise above such circumstances through education-something that is continuously compromised in impoverished societies of Pakistan The film ends with awareness about the Ministry of Human Right’s helpline for people to seek help against domestic abuse.

*To report domestic violence cases, call 1099*

 Domestic violence is a reality that millions of women face, and are increasingly vulnerable to in the post-COVID world.
Our commitment in partnership with the Ministry of Human Rights is to ensure a world in which young women are raised to challenge and change this truth, and not conditioned to accept it.
As a part of our corporate social responsibility, and vision to stand as #Unilever for Pakistan, it is my hope that through this message, Lifebuoy Shampoo continues to inspire Pakistanis to become advocates for an equal and empowered Pakistan.

Amir Paracha, Chairman and CEO, Unilever Pakistan

Lifebuoy has reiterated mothers to be strong and raise daughters who are able to recognise injustice, abuse, violence etc. so that they can take a stand. It is essential not to teach our daughters to raise their voice against crimes instead of teaching them to be quiet.

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