Have A Truly Unforgettable Evening With AAA Cruises and AAA Hospitality

If you are looking for an unforgettable evening at sea, then book a cruise with AAA Cruises and AAA Hospitality. You are sure to have a ball of a time.

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of Runway Pakistan’s visionary leader Mashal Amir Ali. While it was an all round fun evening, AAA Cruises and AAA Hospitality helped made it more memorable.

The cruise provided us with amazing services that truly made our evening worthwhile. These included fishing which helped provided us with a great source for leisure.

In addition, there was also a lifeguard on board that helped assure us with safety whenever we went in the water. Overall, we had a truly stunning and enthralling evening of celebration.

AAA Cruises offers customers with amazing views and sceneary.


We also believe that if your looking for a remarkable evening at sea, then do make your booking with AAA Cruises and AAA Hospitality. What you will get in return is an exceptional evening of enjoyment with your close loved ones.

They have an entire package detailing the charges they make by the hour. For a total of 2 hours, the rental cost would be 25,000 PKR. If your going for a total of 8 hours then the total cost would be 64,000 PKR.

The cruise also has an attendant on board that help out customers with their needs and assistance. There are also emergency life jackets on board.

AAA Cruises offers some amazing food.

What helps make their services even more outstanding is their diverse menu that caters to everyone’s taste buds. They have a high tea menu consisting of several scrumptious items such as sandwiches, samosas and chicken wings.

If your a sea food lover, then you must definitely try their sea food platter. This consists of some insanely tasty dishes such fried fish, prawn karahi, crabs and potato cutlets. They also have a dinner menu for those looking for an exhilarating night at sea. Dishes included are fried fish, prawn biryani and brownies.

The cruise also provides clients with their very own decoration services. The inner boat decorations which consist of setting up balloons and banners will cost around 7,000 PKR. However, if your looking to decorate the full boat with balloons and banners, then the entire cost will be 9,000 PKR.

AAA Cruises offers a variety of decoration services.

They also have multiple different packages as well. If your looking for a romantic couple’s dinner at sea, then the entire package will cost you up to 25,000 PKR for a total of 2.5 hours.

If your looking for a costal tour, then that will cost up to 5,000 PKR per person. A total of 10 people can be on board and the entire tour will last for five hours.

The cruise also provides customers with snorkeling and fishing services. A minimum of five people can snorkel at once with the cost being up to 9,000 PKR. A family fishing trip would cost up to 60,000 PKR for 6 hours. If your looking to spend up to 8 hours at sea, your total cost will be around 70,000 PKR.

Team Runway had a great time courtesy of AAA Cruise and AAA Hospitality


The abundance of services coupled with some outstanding food is enough for one to make a booking with AAA Cruises and AAA Hospitality. For further details check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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